Thursday, August 19, 2010

8th Grade DLC Reflection

Chemical dispersant questions:

What is the least toxic chemical dispersants?

Are there other, more Earth-friendly ways to do the job of dispersants without actually using them while still doing minimum labor?

Is there a way to create a dispersant that completely consumes the oil in the Gulf without clumping it together and creating tar balls?


  1. In response to your first question...
    I was searching it up for a while and I couldn't really find the least toxic chemical dispersant, but I did read this one article about Corexit 9500 A "Moreover, the EPA report says that Corexit is not more or less toxic than eight other alternative oil dispersants that were also tested. " and "The company had argued that Corexit was the least toxic chemical available – an argument that the EPA eventually accepted and which now has been validated." So I think it's funny how different sites have different information and you can never tell which ones true.

  2. Thanks so much Una. I like how you included the details and your opinion.