Friday, August 20, 2010

Hazards of Oil Disperants

As a modern politician, their job (according to the public) is to provide obscure answers that are meant to reassure the citizens of the country without actually giving a satisfying report with solid evidence. When there is a loophole, they find it; it's their specialty. But when the White House can't deny that all of the oil in the Gulf of Mexico is not cleared up, a streak of panic arises throughout the people. Along with the BP coverups, there is a lack of knowledge in the rate that the oil is degrading. Therefore, we cannot estimate the amount of time it will take to completely clean up the mess or how much goes unseen from the surface. Along with the oil is dispersants that cause cancer, mutations, respiratory issues, organ complications, and more. The combination makes for an unadaptable habitat. Additionally, the oil companies insist on spraying the dispersants in absurd amounts. Cognitively, this makes for the more dangerous factor because it is being used out or proportion, wasting money, and is poisoning the society's mind with their incorrect addresses as well as killing wildlife. No matter which is more toxic, there are now two deadly chemicals lurking under water and it is predicted that they could rise up to the surface again in the future. Unlike the spill, we are just grazing the surface of our potential by letting companies like BP control the dispersants and not supplying dedicated scientists like Susan Shaw with the proper amount of equipment to investigate the issue at hand.


  1. Haley,

    You have great insight and I can really tell you did your homework when researching the issue. Too often the right thing doesn't happen. Can you think of ways to keep situations like this from happening again?

    Miss Leland

  2. HALEY!!! You are my geniusest bff!!! WOW I'm not kidding you are sooo smart girl!! =) =) =)