Monday, August 30, 2010

Catalyst 8/30/10

The blizzard and heavy rainfall in 1977 was the start of the leakage in Love Canal. The clay cap that was originally implanted on top of the landfill was extremely problematic and allowed the water to seep through, allowing the chemicals to resurface. This caused major health defects such as cancers, birth defects, genetic mutation, miscarriagesM liver diseases, and burns. Even though Love Canal was evacuated aside from a few residents who refused to move, the effects the chemicals had on the environment and specific ecosystems left a permanent mark. The contaminated water on the land created acidic rain. Also, it takes approximately "one shovel full of pure dioxin to annihilate all marine life in Lake Ontario. Any minute amount of the toxin is severely dangerous to all biotic forms." Due to the fact that 20,000 tons of chemicals are still buried, the toxic waste can resurface at any time, as well as seeping deeper into the earth.

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