Monday, August 30, 2010

Town meeting questions

1) Would you live in the Love Canal area based on the facts given and not having a biased against the oil company?
2) Do you think that the publicity has the strongest effect on the Love Canal residents, considering that the many of the diseases were caused because of the media?
3) Since the media has moved on to other stories in the world, do you think that the residents that move into the Love Canal community would be effected as much.
4) Due to the fact that people who dwelled in Love Canal had knowledge of the contaminants in the landfill, do you think that it was just the chemicals that drew them out of their homes, or the Niagra Falls School Board that lied to them, committed fraudulence, and put people at risk of diseases?
5) Because scientists have developed their technology so much in the past decade, that they could create vaccines for the diseases that used to effect the residents in the Love Canal?


  1. 1. What about the chemicals in the river, what happened to those?
    2. What will happen if another blizzard backed up with a early spring shows up in the next few years?
    3. Has anyone gotten sick from some sort of chemicals in the last 30 years?

  2. 1. If they are saying that the area is free of contaminants, then why aren't people moving back, and still saying the area is contaminated when you have proof that it's clean?
    2. Were the chemicals really causing all of the diseases, or were they just normal, but we were too focused on the area to look at the rest of the world?
    3. Why did they build anything on the area when Hooker Chemical Company told them that there was chemical waste?