Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten Years of the Chernobyl Era Questions

1) Why was the effected area of land "patchy"?
2) Could the substantial amount of involvement of the Kiev Institute of Endocrinology be considered suspicious? Could they have unintentionally contributed to the psychological disorders that the public experienced?
3) With what resource that we have treat the psychological disorders that the people suffered?
4) What can replace the reactor that generates 40% of Ukraine's power that is politically, religiously, and ecologically correct, while also costing the least amount as well as taking the slightest amount of time to produce?
5) Did the creators/scientists of Chernobyl use the politicians as their "dummies" in order to generate funds for the plant? If so, how could the government have a preparation plan if something were to go wrong if the scientists only disclosed fragments of their plan?

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